Saturday, 1 August 2015

Owls and Scraps!

 The Owl quilt is finished and on it's way to my niece in the UK, I hope her daughter loves it!
Here it is

I've been a bit lax lately and not blogged for a while! That does not mean I have not been qulting however.  I've been having a lot of fun with applique owls

My niece in the UK fell in love with my Butterfly quilt and has asked me to make the same quilt but with Owls on for her gorgeous daughter, my great niece. Well it's really rather hard to scatter owls all over a quilt like I did the butterflies when you consider there are about 8 pieces for an owl, only one for the butterfly!  So I decided to remove the square within the square and instead applique a different owl on each white block.

Here are the owls all done, and the blocks and strips ready to go.  I have since finished the top but need to quilt it yet, I'll pop  a photo on again when it's all done.  I love these owls, so cute and all have their own character.

When I have finished that I have already started to work on a new scrappy quilt ... this is the design, a great way to use up all those 2.5 inch strips I have left over from other projects! It won't be this colourway, this was just to use as a guide, I can't wait to start!

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